Fully 3D printed wing
By paying for this FPV model you are contributing to
future awesome models by the team
Symmetric airfoil, power and manoeuvrability.
Specwing is a standard airframe for the Wing racing
Make it at home, watch how
You need only 400g of PLA/PETG filament and
$200 3D printer to make this wing at home
Why Specwing?
Fully printed
There's no carbon reinforcement - all parts are fully 3D printed.
Just add some m2 screws, servo control rods and electronics
Powerful motor setup
With 19x19 mm removable motor mount you can use powerful 28xx motors and propeller up to 7 inches. This will give you very high speeds and rates
FPV ready
This wing was designed to fly with DJI FPV system. Of course you can mount analog video as well
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Technical Specification
This can vary depending on your electronics
Wing Span
900 мм
Caddx Vista + DJI Camera/Polar
Analog 20х20 and Micro camera
Down to 50 mah / km
Takeoff weight
less than 900 g
with insta 360 Go 2
Maximum speed
150 kmh
Recommended motor
2807 and 7042 propeller
4S1P battery pack
18650 LiIon with
30A discharge
On-board recording
Insta 360 Go 2
mount included
Try the world of 3D printed wings
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